Our mission is to honor our local veterans with a memorial. The Veterans Memorial is located at 105 Main St Berthold ND, between city hall and the new ambulance building.  Berthold comunity veterans and active service members can contact us at ndcares@berthold-nd.gov or on our FaceBook Page
The Berthold ND Cares Committee would like to thank all those who have donated to this project including: The City of Berthold, GraTech, All In Builders, Berthold Economic Development, Berthold Farmers Elevator, Berthold Farmers Union Cenex, Berthold Sportsman Club, Berthold American Legion, Enbridge, Minnesota Limited, Minot Area Community Foundation, Anonymous Donor through the Minot Area Community Foundation, SRT Communication, State Savings Bank of Kenmare, Sunset Memorial Gardens as well as everyone who put their change in the collection jars at local businesses and those who have donated some of their time.. Without your help this would not have been possible. Again, Thank You.
We had a delay in the two walls that will contain names of local veterans.  We had 168 names then received a list of more veteran names that put us over 400 names from our area.  We have been reconciling this list with the names we had as well as attempting to gain more information on these veterans.  The more than doubling of the amount of names has required us to redesign tile presentation with the funds available.  We have received sample tiles for the walls, and are preparing to order.  We hope to finish the walls in the spring.